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Backyard Drinks

As much as the Backyard Eats are essential to a friendly gathering the cocktails provided are just as important. If anyone understands this concept, the owners get the whole picture behind this story. Not only were they bartenders/mixologists in the industry, they understand the importance of fresh ingredients, crisp fruit garnishes, and the look and smell of a perfectly constructed cocktail. 


At "The Backyard Dog" we specialize in the concept of American Culture, and although it may be a social cookout, we couldn't help but step up our game when it came to that creative cocktail.  Each one of our handcrafted vodka, whiskey and tequila cocktails are flavors inspired from our imagination. From that Bacon infused Bloody Mary, or that whiskey cocktail accompanied with peach schnapps, fresh sour mix, and mint or possibly just kick back with some simple tequila fun topped with a citrus soda poured over a few fruit flavored ice cubes just to keep the fun going and exciting. We thrive to keep imagination on it's toes, because we understand as a community, as a people of variety we look forward to the things we can choose from.

The Backyard Dog... Come Hangout with Us!



The Backyard Dog cannot ensure items do not contain ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. You may ask for a copy of the allergen information. In addition, some menu items may contain alcohol. Please consider this when ordering. 

Variations in ingredients and preparation, as well as substitutions, will increase or decrease any stated nutritional values, such as calories.

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