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Doesn't just begin with great food or cocktails here, no buddy that ain't the end factor. To us it's about the passion of the industry and the creativeness of the neighborhood gatherings… we love it, we know it, we live it! Here it’s a place with that atmosphere that allows you to unwind and relax, kick back on that day off or that time right after work when that cold one is most needed. It's like inviting that best friend over to your pad for that game day, for that siganature cocktail you've been trying to share with them for the past week, a time to chow down on that long waited Smoky rib you've been dreaming about. It's a place like home, it’s a place for great conversation and memories to be built.

Our dream is for The Backyard Dog to become a staple of togetherness, even for the individuals that choose to become part of our team. The owners understand the importance of being happy, we know the industry and relate to our team members. Everyone is important here at The Backyard Dog, from our guest, to that server, bartender, and cook because we once were. We are here for the experience of equality and a place for this community to make their own.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of tranquility and safety, for the community to embrace our idea and crave to belong. A home away from home, where you feel as you are in your own living room surrounded with friends. Try the grilled wings you'll be inspired, try our signature cocktails and you will bask in delight, bring your pup and you'll fall in love with our idea. We are here to produce the most unconventional place to hang out. We are here to bring you home.

The Backyard Dog… Come Hangout with Us!

GRAND Opening 2030!

Co-Owner & CEO Mario J. Bradford

Co-Owner & President - Claudia Bradford

Executive Partner - Janice Hunter

Brandon Smith - Marketing Manager

Who wouldn’t love a place that you could enjoy your day off with friends and your pup, a place where you can relax as if you were home in your own backyard or living room.  For me it’s a home away from home!

Anthony Smith, Stella's owner


Hey... I’m a dog lover. To me I believe they are one of the most spiritual renewing creations on earth, and the owners of “The Backyard Dog” understood that and thrived to bring a place to the community were like-minded individuals could enjoy that idea. Thank you guys, we all appreciate your dream!

Nora Roberts, Rover's owner

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